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“Kara-Te” s1e11

Barry decides to sign up for the school’s holiday talent show to show off his Kara-Te moves! Erica gets coerced from Pops to also perform in the talent show, but will she?

“Shopping” s1e10

Bev takes advantage of Erica’s “Employee Discount” at her new job…So Erica get’s her sent to Mall-Jail. Barry has not just bad luck, but Barry-Luck. So Pops steps in to save the day.

“Stop Arguing And Start Thanking” s1e09

Beverly NEEDS her family to show their gratitude for her hard work at Thanksgiving….but just isn’t getting it. Uncle Marvin shows in in a DeLorean and may ruin Thanksgiving…..again.

“Who Are You Going To Telephone” s1e06

“Who Are You Going To Telephone” Directed by Victor Nelli Jr.      Writers Adam F. Goldberg Chris Bishop Kristopher Valentine STORY ONE:  Adam Hangs Out with the Wrong Crowd. Adam hangs out with troublemakers instead of going trick-or-treating with Pops.  He pays the...

“The Ring” s1e05

Todd & Taras discuss our ring shopping experiences in comparison to Murray and Beverly’s. Todd has the same keyboard Barry finds in the garage..the Casio MT-18!!! Taras picked up a girl, then a bird poops on his head, YEP. We start a new segment called: Jenkintown Facts

“Why’re You Hitting Yourself” s1e04

Beverly the matchmaker. Does she really know what’s best for Pop’s? Barry & Adam bond over a “Scrambled Channel” and go on a covert mission: Golden Falcon Shark.

“Mini Murray” s1e03

Todd comes to the realization…..He’s like Bev!!! But not to the point where he would scare his kids to ensure they’d sleep in his bed.
Taras comes to the realization…..He should have watched more scary movies.

“Daddy Daughter Day” s1e02

Taras and Fanny Packs! Does Taras’ Dad really still use one? Are they really that bad?
Todd tells a story about the Oakley glasses he bought when he was a kid, and the terrible thing his Dad did once he heard about this purchase.

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