Episode Summary:

Lainey, Erica, and Barry plan a “Risky Business” inspired party, just like the movie, while Lainey’s dad is out of town. Later, when the party gets out of control, Beverly jumps to the rescue and Lainey is happy to have a mother figure like Beverly in her life, but for how long?

Directed by
Seth Gordon

Writing Credits
Adam F. Goldberg
Chris Bishop

September 23rd 1980-something

I love how Murray says “I can’t hear what Jake is saying to the Fatman”
You ever date or have a love interest that was long distance?  Kids nowadays don’t realize the difficulty of trying to communicate via long distance

Todd:  Yes.  But we’d write letters mostly.  Can you kids now actually fathom the idea of waiting 2 weeks for every text response??? lol!!!

Could any younger fans handle a:  “What was it like to live in the ‘80s”

We write to set up a date and time to call, because my parents would FREAK OUT if they saw an unauthorized long distance bill.


Bev becomes Laney’s Temp Mom

You ever have a friends parents act or be your temp parents?  Going on vacation with a friends etc?

Todd:  Kinda..I went on one trip with one of my best friends Justin.  I can’t remember what we did, but it involved someone tracking us down to where we were staying and hem confronting his parents about whatever we did.  Justin’s Dad yelled at both us us..and at one point told me not to hide behind Justin, lol.  I had never been yelled at by someone else’s parent before..ha!


Outsmarting the phone company……(ad-ababy-it’s-a-boy)  <——— WHO GETS IT?

You ever do this?

Todd: Totally YES!  I would relay info to Lisa his way.


Laney turns to the dark-side the “Demanding of Excellence” and Bev visits Laney at school…to Temporary-Mom her

Did you get the SAT push from your parents?

Did you always plan to go to college?
“Dat’s Love” by Big Tasty (feat. Lil’ Yum Yum)  (Holy balls..Scott Baio in the ending background..LOL!!!)

You ever film or create a musical song or video?

Todd:  Hell yeah!  One was at Kings Dominion (amusement park) to I think “Hip Hop Junkies” by Nice & Smooth.  Then another to Police “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da”

Erica & Laney try and take on Beverly…..

Beverly clearing that party was freaking hilarious!!!  OMG!

You ever throw a house party..at your house?

You ever go to a Kick Ass Risky Business Party?  lol


Sentimental Moment #1 & 2:

Bev and Erica then Murray and Sean

-I love how they showed Murray smiling after his stop watch hit 10:00.


You ever wonder if your Dad (or Mom) did this kind of stuff for you as a kid, but you’ll never know about it?

Did you see Halley’s Comet ?    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halley’s_Comet

Last seen:  February 9th, 1986

Next Visit:  July 28th, 2061


What was on TV February 9th, 1986?

ABC – The Wonderful World of Disney

Movie – Harlem (1986) Part 1 of 2


CBS – 60 Minutes

Murder, She Wrote “Powder Keg”

Movie – Child’s Cry (1986)


NBC –  Punky Brewster “Changes” (Part 2 of 5)

Silver Spoons “One for the Road” (Part 2 of 2)

Movie – Under Siege (1986)



“A Chorus Lie”


Directed by

David Katzenberg

Writing Credits

Adam F. Goldberg

Marc Firek

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