“Call Me When You Get There”

Directed by
Michael Patrick Jann     

Writing Credits  
Adam F. Goldberg          (creator)
Michael J. Weithorn     (written by)
Kristopher Valentine  (staff writer)


Story One: Barry Must Follow the Rules
Barry has just received his license but must obey Beverly’s rules for driving.  Barry gets called out at the movie theater the first time he breaks the rule.

Story Two: Beverly Worries About Pops Falling Down.
Beverly gets Pops a device that helps him if he were ever to fall.  Pops is resistant to wear the device until he throws out his back.

Story Three: Erica helps Barry

Erica schools Barry on how to get around the driving rules so he doesn’t screw up her privileges.



October 18th, 1980-something


Todd & Taras talk about when they first got their license and the rules their parents set for them.  Then we compare our road rules to the rules Beverly Goldberg set on Erica and Barry.


Bev’s Rules of Driving:

  1. ? (we guess: Follow ALL Traffic Laws)
  2. ?
  3. In trouble?  Call for help and STAY In The Car
  4. Be home by 10
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. Total Focus On The Road: No eating, No passengers, No music
  8. Doors must be locked and windows rolled up at ALL times
  9. Only drive in safe areas.  Bev made a map of appropriate driving zones. Stay in Green zone
  10. Call me when you get there!!!


Todd tells us about how he used to hang out in the poster section of Spencer’s Gifts…you know where all the barely clothed HOT chicks were at!  Also Todd reminisces about a VERY DISTURBING STORY on a gag gift he got his Mom when he was in his early teens…before he knew how inappropriate it really was.  Here’s a hint….it was cylindrical and took batteries.

The Goldbergs Podcast s1e7 - Ca;; Me When You Get There www.TheGoldbergsPodcast.com


Taras said his Mom didn’t do too many things to embarrass him in front of his friends where Todd’s Mom pulled him and his friends out of the movie theater once when she took them to see Weird Science (Which is an AWESOME movie).  It was too much for Todd’s Mom to handle, but for the kids….it was awesome. All 15 minutes of it!


Taras tells us a story between him and his sister.  Does she help Taras evade his parents while he’s “impaired” or does she throw him under the bus?  


Next we discuss an AWESOME topic:

The Goldbergs Podcast s1e7 - Ca;; Me When You Get There www.TheGoldbergsPodcast.com

The Best Commercials of the 1980’s:  

Check out our series we put on our YouTube Channel: “The Best ‘80s Commercials Series”


Our sentimental moments……Just like Adam has a moment and realization that Pops is vulnerable, Todd and Taras share their experiences on realizing those Superman like family members have a day where they aren’t so invincible….and it’s sometime crushes your heart.



Jenkintown has two firehouses.  They are a block apart….


Thank you Mayor Ed Foley @MayorFoley


Next Episode s1e8 “The Kremps”

Beverly is determined to make friends with a standoffish neighbor (guest star Jennifer Irwin).  Barry and Erica battle for control of the family’s one telephone line.

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