“The Ring”

Directed by:
Seth Gordon

Writing Credits: 
Adam F. Goldberg           (creator)
Matt Tarses                  (written by)
Andrew Secunda                 (writer)
Stacey Harman           (staff writer)
Kristopher Valentine  (staff writer)


Murray Goldberg - "The Ring" Season 1 Episode 5 The Goldbergs Podcast www.TheGoldbergsPodcast.com

Murray Goldberg – “The Ring” Season 1 Episode 5 The Goldbergs Podcast www.TheGoldbergsPodcast.com

STORY ONE:  Murray’s Previous Fiance
Barry and Erica find the love letters that Murray had written for his ex-Fiancé. 
Erica questions Beverly about how romantic Murray was back in the day.

STORY TWO:  Adam Goes to Pops for More Advice
Adam seeks more love advice from Pops. 
Adam decides to take Pops advice too seriously which puts him in a difficult situation.

STORY THREE:  Murray Gave Beverly a Used Ring
After some investigating, Beverly and Erica discover that Murray reused the ring from
his first engagement.  Murray is forced to get Beverly a new ring.


October 4th, 1980-something

Murray Goldberg isn’t the best at remembering “special” dates: Birthday’s, Anniversary’s, Special Events, etc….BUT this doesn’t mean he’s not a loving husband.  At first Erica and Beverly Goldberg discuss Murray’s limitations, but may eventually see how wonderful he really is.

Bev gets Murray to clean out the garage and Murray get’s way more than he bargained for from this honey-do-list.  During the garage cleaning Barry and Erica find Murry’s old love letter’s to his sweet Anita!?  Barry thinks maybe Murray has a secret family!

Adam is using his video camera to record his neighborhood crush, Dana Caldwell.  Is this a little creepy, Pops thinks it may be….Todd and Taras discuss their neighborhood “girls” from growing up.

Todd discovers his old MT-18 Casio Keyboard from the 1980’s…the one Barry Goldberg find is the garage.  Todd had hours of fun growing up changing the pitch to his voice exactly like Barry did,  Now his kids play with his keyboard, this keyboard has come full circle!

Todd Combs MT-18 Casio Keyboard The Goldbergs Podcast s1e5 The Ring

Todd Combs MT-18 Casio Keyboard The Goldbergs Podcast s1e5 The Ring

Fischer Price 826 Recorder The Goldbergs Podcast s1e5 "The Ring"

Fischer Price #826 Recorder – The Goldbergs Podcast s1e5 “The Ring”

Barry Goldbergs MT-18 Casio Keyboard The Goldbergs Podcast www.TheGoldbergsPodcast.com

Barry Goldbergs MT-18 Casio Keyboard The Goldbergs Podcast www.TheGoldbergsPodcast.com

Then Todd reminisces about his old Fischer Price Tape Recorder #826.  Did any of you ever have this as a kid?  Well we found the of demo tape audio on YouTube.  Check the demo tape out here “Discover a World Of Sounds (1980)”

Taras talks about his childhood instrument he received for his 6 year birthday, a Saxophone. He also got a drum which be banged on all day.  Needless to say Taras’ parents REALLY didn’t like that drum, and unfortunately a “robber” stole it.  Taras says that Sax is still at his parents house!

Todd talks about how bad he is at buying gifts for those “special” days.  While Taras tries to win over our female listeners buy saying he’s actually a pretty good gift buyer.

Taras tells a story of how he wooed a girl when he worked at a popular amusement park in Rochester, NY “Seabreeze” BUT as he was working his “game” on this young lady, a bird pooped on his head!  How did she respond to this suave stud-muffin?  You’ll have to listen to our show.

Todd and Taras discuss the “pleasures” of using Microfiche as a kid.  If you don’t know what this is….consider yourself lucky!  We didn’t have GOOGLE as kids.  We had to use the Dictionary, Atlas, Thesaurus, and a whole host of other library books to get anything done.  Now you kids have all this info at a few clicks on your computer.  We had to work for our grades (Do we sound bitter enough yet?)

We talk a little about our experience while shopping for wedding rings.  Ours was MUCH better than Beverly and Murray’s ring shopping experience….but who’s wasn’t!

Adam makes such a great video collage of Murray and all the great little things he does for Beverly.


We start a new segment to our show:  #JenkintownFacts (search # on Twitter)

This segment is provided by us @TheGoldbergsPOD and the mayor of Jenkintown, PA….Ed Foley @MayorFoley  Ed tweets out all kinds of facts about Jenkintown, PA.  So follow Ed and let him know you found him from us here at @TheGoldbergsPOD  Here’s the first installment of:

#JenkintownFacts of the week

Jenkintown PA is .6 sq miles, 4400 souls, 23 restaurants, possibly one coyote but it’s probably just a skinny stray dog #JenkintownFacts

Check out this great article written by Marguerite Del Giudice for National Geographic. It is ALL about Jenkintown (Color Day and all). Article Link HERE
Below are Tweets we exchanged with Ed while he tried to explain to us Jenkintown’s special day: “Color Day”


Color Day:
Red or Blue (or Purple)

It was so complicated for a tweet. When your youngest starts at school, the school decides what color your family will be forever more….and it comes into play on Color Day, when K-12 kids compete in a kind of a field day.

K reds against K blues, etc. with some grades combined. On Color Day every body in town dresses in their family’s colors, and most parents take a day off work. the kids parade through the streets the night before is Mischief Night, and the red kids attack the blue kids houses with petty vandalism, and there are parties all around town.

It was how I taught my sweet 2nd grade girl how to vandalize so long ago…
So if two Jenkintown people run into each other in a non Jtown context, the first question is always “Red or Blue?”

And since it’s been going on since 1938, there’s multigenerational families of each color, and there’s some purple families.
That’s awesome! So do purple families pick a red or blue side for the competition?
Purple kids pick a side on Color Day for the competition….. The family remains divided. It’s very sad.
Obviously we’re blue. This pic is the parade. The streets are lined with parents all dressed in blue or red.

The best part of color day is when the seniors do the Dizzy Bats event, when they put their heads down on the flat end of a bat and spin around and around. There’s sometimes a few who barf due to unauthorized adult beverages at Mischief night the night before…

Ask Adam if he is R or B, their family went to the public school here until Bev got got wind of unauthorized praying and pulled em out

Ed Foley Has “Blues Rule, Reds Drool” on their families personal checks..LOL!


See you #Goldnerds for our next podcast where e review:  s1e06 “Who Are You Going To Telephone” …The Halloween episode!!!!

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