Mini Murray”

Directed by:
Troy Miller

Writing Credits:
Adam F. Goldberg        (creator)
Andrew Secunda           (writer)
Alex Barnow              (written by)
Marc Firek              (written by)
Kristopher Valentine      (staff writer)
Stacey Harman             (staff writer)



Here are the highlights of “Mini Murray”:  “Barry gets an important lesson from Murray, while Adam and Pops secretly go to a scary movie”

Story 1: Lesson in Money
Murray hires Barry at the store to teach him the value of money.  Barry may have taken the lesson too seriously.

Story 2: Adam Goes to a Scary Movie
Adam tricks Pops into going to a scary movie but Beverly ultimately makes him pay the price.

Story 3: Erica Uncovers the Truth
Erica negotiates approval to a party after she catches Beverly playing a trick on Adam.



October 5th, 1980-something


Todd and Taras ponder the question:  Why do all Mom’s bring oranges to kids soccer practices and games?  Why not apples, pears, or bananas?  “The world may never know….”

We talk about the sports we played as kids in the ’80s.  Taras would have played baseball until he had a psychologically crippling accident that made him lose interest.  Todd played Football and baseball as a kid and is psychologically okay these days…poor Taras.

Poor Taras never had an allowance.  His Ukrainian parents required him to work really hard for everything, but this made him the man his thinks he is today!  Taras also refers to a certain awesome toy of the ’80s as “stupid G.I. Joes”…Yes everyone, send hate mail to subject “Taras Hate Mail”.

It’s finally time where we talk about one of the main stories of this episode: Scary movies of the 1980’s!  We cover Todd and Taras top scary movies.  Todd’s are scarier because Taras was not allowed to watch scary movies…yes you read that correctly!  BUT there was also one major reason scary movies in the ’80s were so great…..Boobs!


Watch the original trailers:

Watch the trailer to the movie that had Adam in Bev’s Room:  Poltergeist

Todd’s scary movies of his ’80s childhood:  A Nightmare on Elm Street, My Bloody Valentine, The Watcher in the Woods, Friday the 13th, Trilogy of Terror, Jaws

Taras’ scary movies of his ’80s childhood:  The Terminator


Todd tells a story about driving his best friends (Stuart) Dad’s BMW’s whenever his Dad was not at home…which was a lot.   Then one day Todd wrecked one of Stuart’s Dad’s cars.  Todd and Stuart had to do some crazy jobs to work off this car repair… of the many things they had to do was wash & wax his dad airplane!

Taras worked at a place in Rochester NY called Tent City….one of his many jobs was breaking down walls and working with Asbestos …..yep, all good Ukrainians work with asbestos.

  • Todd comes to the realization….He’s Like Bev!!!  But not to the point where he would scare his kids to ensure they’d sleep in his bed.
  • Barry comes to the realization…..Taxes are real things!  FICA?!  What?!
  • Taras comes to the realization……He should have watched more scary movies.

We finish the episode discussing the sentimental moments of that Bev and Murray have with Adam and Barry.  Sometimes Bev and Murray come across as “wrong”, but it’s all for the love of their children!

“Swish Baby”

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