“Daddy Daughter Day”

Seth Gordon     

Writing Credits: 
Adam F. Goldberg         (creator)
Adam F. Goldberg    (written by)
Andrew Secunda             (writer)
Stacey Harman         (staff writer)
Kristopher Valentine      (staff writer)



Story 1: Murray Reconnects With Erica
Murray lost touch with his ‘little girl’ Erica once she started growing up.  Murray takes her to the roller rink to try and rekindle their daddy-daughter relationship

Story 2: Adam Goes Back To School Shopping w/ Bev
Beverly takes Adam to get clothes for the new school year.  Unfortunately, Beverly’s choice in clothing includes trains and matching hats.  Adam asks Pops to help him buy a new wardrobe.

Story 3: Murray & Erica Discover Barry’s Secret Life
While Murray and Erica are at the roller rink, they discover where Barry goes on the weekends.



September 8th, 1980-something


Todd & Taras start of talking about their favorite ’80s cereal.  Barry was eating Pac-Man cereal, but we never remember ever seeing this cereal.  We remember Count Chocula, Rice Krispies, possibly Ghostbusters cereal.  But all this cereal turned awesome after our Mom’s gave us a bowl of sugar to spoon in!  “The ’80s, when sugar wasn’t the cause of EVERYTHING bad”….We think this should be slogan for the ’80s.


Murray has a real issue with any Goldberg touching the thermostat.  We could definitely identify with this!  Our Dad’s always had an issue with us kids touching the A/C.  Taras remembers when he and his brother accidentally turned the heat up in the Winter and awoke at 6am to a “Africa-like” temperature in their home.  They then opened all the windows in the house to attempt to quickly cool the house down.


Since Bev is so into clothes shopping for Adam, we chat about what kind of clothes we wore and clothes shopping as kids in the ’80s.  Nothing is better than ’80s fashion: Half shirts, ripped up jeans, high tops,


We spend some time chatting about the Adam’s EPIC room.  Nothing is better than a TV show (The Goldbergs) setting up the classic boy of the ’80s room.  All the movie posters and toys in Adam’s room are AWESOME!  We could spend 3 hours talking about Adam Goldbergs TV room!


Next we listen to a clip where Erica and Murray discover Barry is a secret roller skater!  We chat about how freakin awesome roller skating was in the 1980’s!  It was THE place to hang out if you were 12-16 years old….in the ’80s.


There’s some talk about Fanny Packs!  Does Taras’ Dad really still use one?  Are they really that bad?

Daddy Daughter Day - fanny pack






Todd tells a story about the Oakley glasses he bought when he was a kid, and the terrible thing his Dad did once he heard about this purchase.

Daddy Daughter Day - oakleys







We talk about the sweet sweet lunch boxes of the ’80s.  What kind did you have?  How about backpacks….did you have any themed backpacks, or a memorable one?

Daddy Daughter Day - dukes-of-hazzard-lb







We take the show home talking about being a sentimental parent.  Bev and Murray conclude the episode with how loving they really are, and how much they love their kids.  Todd’s a father of 2 and even though Taras doesn’t have any kids just yet, he knows what a loving parent does for their kids……ANYTHING!



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