“The Circle Of Driving”


Directed by:          Seth Gordon
Writing Credits:    Adam F. Goldberg
Written by:            Adam F. Goldberg


Welcome to the pilot episode of The Goldbergs Podcast covering the pilot episode of The Goldbergs ….did you follow that?

The Goldbergs Podcast is hosted by Todd and Taras.  Each of our episodes cover an episode of the hit ABC show The Goldbergs 8:30 | 7:30c


In this episode of The Goldbergs we see:

Story 1: Barry Can’t Wait To Drive
Barry just turned 16 and cannot wait to drive.  He hopes that Murray and Beverly bought him a new car for his birthday present.

Story 2: Pops Teaches Adam About Girls
Adam is navigating the world of girls.  Lucky for him, he has his grandfather to help him.

Story 3:  Pops Shouldn’t Drive
Pops is aging but doesn’t want his driving privileges taken away.


September 3rd

Todd and Taras discuss the episode “The Circle Of Driving”.  We chat about the similarities of this episode and our lives in the ’80s.  We reminisce on the first Records, Cassette Tapes, and CD’s we ever bought ourselves. 




Taras didn’t have a red Trans Am like Pops, but his first car was an 84′ Monte Carlo! 

The Circle Of Driving - 1984_Chevrolet_Monte+Carlo







Todd’s first car was a 85′ Honda Prelude. 








We had some great first cars!  We let everyone know which of these stories on the show are real from Adam F. Goldbergs life.

Todd tells his story about learning to drive “stick” from Keith’s Driving School in Northern Virginia.

Pop’s really didn’t want to lose his license because taking Adam out for breakfast was one of his most favorite things to do.


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