This Podcast is AWESOME....

I Think I’ll Record It In Case I Might Like To See It When I’m Older.

C'Mon Ad-Rock!

“Big Tasty”  Has a New Music Video To Record!  It’s Called   “No Gustav Here, Just Tasty”

Beverly's Thoughts:

No bias at all from the BEST Smother around!

From Murray:

One word usually sums it ALL up…….

From Sweet Sis:

I think Erica and Murray agree on some things!

“Mini Murray” s1e03

“Mini Murray” s1e03

Todd comes to the realization…..He’s like Bev!!! But not to the point where he would scare his kids to ensure they’d sleep in his bed.
Taras comes to the realization…..He should have watched more scary movies.

“Daddy Daughter Day” s1e02

“Daddy Daughter Day” s1e02

Taras and Fanny Packs! Does Taras’ Dad really still use one? Are they really that bad?
Todd tells a story about the Oakley glasses he bought when he was a kid, and the terrible thing his Dad did once he heard about this purchase.

“The Circle Of Driving” (Pilot) s1e01

“The Circle Of Driving” (Pilot) s1e01

Welcome to our pilot episode of “The Goldbergs Podcast”. Today we cover the pilot episode of The Goldbergs “The Circle of Driving” (confusing…we know)
Enjoy our thoughts on this episode AND our flashbacks to the ’80s…..along with a lot of sound bytes from this episode.

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