TGP s3e03 “Jimmy 5 Is Alive”


Lew Schneider

Writing Credits

Adam F. Goldberg

Alex Barnow


Murray attempts to help Adam transition into adulthood by building a robot, but their creative differences drive them apart, the opposite of what Murray was trying to achieve.  Meanwhile, Barry makes a huge mistake when he accidentally tapes over Beverly’s beloved video of his 5th birthday party.

October 7th 1980-something

Barry records his “Jampilation – Part 1..The Extrava-Jamza”

Todd: I couldn’t even come close to dunking…could you?

Taras: Totally thought I could dunk one time trying to impress my first girlfriend and broke the backboard. It was totally NBA regulation height too.
Adam get’s Murray to get involved in a “Learning Based Project”

Did your parents get involved in your school projects?

Todd: Yes..My Mom “the English Teacher” usually did.  BUT I loved it!  She made my papers A+++’s!  She would type my papers out (cuz she was a fast typer).

My Mom is super creative..So even in Elementary school, I had cool/different projects than my peers.

Taras: My Mom always helped. One time we spent hours constructing a replica of the empire state building. We tried to make it so accurate that we counted all the windows and tried to draw them in.  And yes I got an A.

Coach Beller helps Barry with his technological wisdom

Like figuring out how to hack a cassette tape!

Barry figures out how to fix the situation

Did you ever get caught in a big lie to your parents?

Taras: Well I’m not sure if I got caught in a lie but I think they may have known that I was hiding some facts about a couple late night activities that I was having in high school.  I am pretty sure they didn’t really want to know.

Brainstorming Session: Murray & Adam go over their personal wants for their Robot

Murray: a button, pointy hand, a hat, metal feet, snow plow

Adam: Flux Compositor, Ion based Magma Cannon, combat-ready cloaking device, emotions & a sense of humor, interdimensional travel
Barry’s “Momtage”

Murray and Adam tell Pops about their Robot…Then They turn on each other

Barry comes clean to Bev

Erica has an almost Sentimental Moment with Adam

Beverly’s “Schmoopilation”

Pop’s is right…Beep Bop Booop

Adam’s Final thoughts

Final Audio – Erica Strawberry Shortcake VHS


Next Episode

“I Caddyshacked The Pool”

Directed by

David Katzenberg

Writing Credits

Adam F. Goldberg

Stephen Basilone

Annie Mebane


Adam forms a plan to avoid swimming at school — even though a friendship could be affected; Barry joins a school club formed by Erica.

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